Marta Barandiy on Her Path from Activism to the European Parliament Elections. Interview

Let’s talk with Marta Barandiy, a notable figure on the cusp of transforming European politics.

Marta, a fervent advocate for human rights, Ukrainian sovereignty, and a more integrated European Union, shared her journey from founding Promote Ukraine to her candidacy for the European Parliament. This conversation sheds light on her motivations, policy priorities, and the profound impact she aims to make on the EU’s future.

Author: Marta, your transition from leading Promote Ukraine to running for the European Parliament is a significant leap. What inspired this shift, and how has your experience prepared you for this role?

Marta Barandiy: Promote Ukraine has been instrumental in offering me a perspective on how activism can influence national politics. However, I’ve often felt the limitations of being outside the decision-making room. It’s crucial to be part of the actual legislative process, to have direct input on policies right where decisions are made. This involvement ensures that the collective voice is not just heard but is a driving force in shaping outcomes.

Author: What are your top policy priorities for your campaign, and how do you plan to impact EU-Ukraine relations?

Marta Barandiy: My campaign revolves around three pillars: bolstering the EU’s defense capabilities, integrating European values into migration policies, and empowering civil society. These priorities are deeply interconnected with enhancing EU-Ukraine relations, especially in strengthening Europe’s defense stance and supporting Ukraine in its struggle for sovereignty and integration into European structures.

Author: With NATO’s principle of collective defense more relevant than ever, what’s your stance on the EU’s defense policy, especially given the current tensions in Eastern Europe?

Marta Barandiy: The EU’s defense policy needs to be robust and proactive. The geopolitical reality demands that we not only support nations facing aggression but also ensure that every member state contributes effectively to collective defense. An attack on one is an attack on all, and this principle should guide our defense strategy.

Author: Your advocacy played a crucial role in the recognition of the Holodomor as genocide. How do you intend to continue advocating for human rights and historical truth at the European level?

Marta Barandiy: Addressing historical truths like the Holodomor is vital in combating current disinformation campaigns and ensuring accountability. At the European Parliament, I plan to advocate for policies that protect human rights, promote historical accuracy, and combat propaganda, reinforcing the EU’s commitment to justice and truth.

Author: Disinformation and cybersecurity are pressing concerns. What strategies do you propose the EU adopt to strengthen its defenses against these threats?

Marta Barandiy: The EU must adopt a multi-faceted strategy that includes education, policy reform, and international cooperation to counter disinformation and bolster cybersecurity. Recognizing information warfare as a legitimate threat is the first step in a comprehensive defense strategy.

Author: Economic integration and environmental policy are also on your agenda. How do you envision the future of EU-Ukraine relations in these areas?

Marta Barandiy: Economic relations between the EU and Ukraine should be mutually beneficial, supporting Ukraine’s resilience while fostering European economic interests. Environmentally, we must address the ecological impacts of war and align Ukraine’s environmental policies with European standards for sustainable development.

Author: Lastly, how do you plan to enhance the engagement between EU institutions and civil society?

Marta Barandiy: Civil society organizations are the backbone of democratic engagement. I propose policies that provide tangible support for NGOs, ensuring their voices are amplified and their contributions recognized within the EU policy framework.


Marta Barandiy’s campaign, “Marta VOOR EUROPA,” is not just a political bid; it’s a mission to redefine European unity, security, and democratic values. Her vision and determination are what make her a distinguished candidate in the European elections, promising a future where Europe stands stronger together.


Max Stepanov

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