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Oblige banks to offer higher interest rates on savings accounts.


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Give recognized refugees fewer social rights than other citizens.


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Reduce the government deficit by...


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Make Flanders independent in the long term.

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Introduce a points-based driving license system whereby drivers can lose their license after multiple offenses.


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Build new nuclear power plants.


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Freeze food prices in supermarkets.


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Provide stronger military and financial support to Ukraine in the war with Russia.


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Ban tobacco, cigarettes, and vaping for those under 18 years old.


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Reduce the government deficit by...


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Create more reception centers for asylum seekers.


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Abolish automatic wage indexing.


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Focus more in education on:


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Always fully execute prison sentences.


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Shorten the full-time work week from 38 to 32 hours while maintaining salary.


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Ensure that the cost of a nursing home never exceeds the resident's pension.


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Invest more in:


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Limit the number of immigrants in Belgium.


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Lower taxes on labor and increase them on consumption and capital.


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Allow abortion up to 18 weeks into pregnancy instead of 12 weeks.


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Make the teaching profession more attractive by significantly increasing salaries.


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Introduce a mileage tax so that drivers who drive more pay more.


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Give priority in childcare to children of full-time working parents.


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Introduce a total alcohol ban for drivers.


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Equalize taxes for married and single people.

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Introduce mandatory military service for 18-year-olds.

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Introduce a wealth tax for the largest fortunes.


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Allow the wearing of religious headscarves everywhere in the workplace.


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Election Program


Marta’s 12 points for Europe

Marta Barandiy envisions a European Union where efficiency, transparency, and strength are not just ideals but everyday realities. Her election program is crafted around core principles aimed at safeguarding and advancing the continent’s future.

1. Stronger Defense and Security in Europe

Marta supports strengthening the EU's defense capabilities to ensure peace and security, emphasizing preparation and strategic foresight rather than just reactive measures.

2. Pragmatic Immigration Policy

While supporting immigration, Marta insists it be aligned with European values, focusing on integration and mutual respect to ensure social cohesion.

3. Economic Empowerment through Support for Entrepreneurs

Marta advocates for extending similar rights to entrepreneurs as those enjoyed by employees, aiming to create a more equitable environment for business founders.

4. Taxation and Subsidy Reform

Marta supports minimizing taxes and replacing reliance on subsidies with a flexible tax system, proposing tax reforms that stimulate economic growth without burdening taxpayers.

5. Thoughtful Green Transition

Marta promotes a carefully planned green transition that collaborates with other countries, protecting European and Flanders businesses from adverse impacts.

6. Streamlining EU Institutions

She stands for the minimization of EU structures, advocating for leaner, more efficient governmental bodies that focus only on essential functions to make them more effective and less costly.

7. Reduction of Bureaucracy

Marta believes in minimizing and digitalizing EU bureaucratic procedures and document flows, advocating for a system and technological platforms that better serve the needs of European citizens.

8. Direct and Participative Democracy

Marta is committed to enhancing direct and participative democracy within the EU by expanding the use of citizen assemblies, referendums, consultative research, and online platforms that allow EU citizens to participate actively in the legislative process. 

9. Environmental Policies and Climate Action

Committed to environmental sustainability, Marta backs policies that combat climate change and promote renewable energy, ensuring these initiatives do not harm the local economy.

10. Promotion of Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Committed to safeguarding human rights and the rule of law, Marta sees these as fundamental to maintaining democracy and justice in the EU.

11. Enhanced Civil Society Engagement

Recognizing the importance of civic engagement, Marta wants to empower civil society by involving it more directly in the democratic process, making the EU more responsive and transparent.

12. Cross-border Business Exchange Programs

Marta supports initiatives that enhance understanding and cooperation between businesses and organizations of Eastern and Western Europe, reflecting her dual background and experience.

Marta Barandiy’s program is a call to action for all Europeans who cherish democracy, human rights, and the security of our continent. Join her campaign to build a Europe that stands resilient in the face of challenges, true to its values, and ready to embrace the future with confidence and unity.

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