Marta’s Promotional Hub starts here.

Everything you need to help Marta’s campaign. From social media images to printable posters, get all the promotional tools. Download and share.

#TeamMarta grants full rights to use and distribute the provided marketing materials as detailed on our website and within the materials themselves. Contact us for details.

Include Marta in Your Creative Projects - Personalize Your Support

So how does it work? You can creatively incorporate Marta’s logos and illustrations into your own designs, print them for local distribution, or share them online to amplify our campaign’s reach.

Alternatively, contact us, and we’ll prepare customized marketing materials for you.


Download and use Marta Barandiy's illustrative characters to create your own promotional materials and support the campaign.

Download Files

Download the official Marta Barandiy logos to create your customized campaign materials and help spread the word.

Download Files

Download Marta Barandiy's official text statements to enrich your campaign efforts and amplify our message.

Download Files

Drive Your Support: Print a Car Sticker for Marta and Spread the Word

Show your support for Marta on the move! Print your own Marta campaign stickers for your car to help spread the word and invite others to vote for Marta. Let’s drive the change together.


Flyer Forward: Print and Distribute Flyers to Support Marta's Campaign.

Get involved and help spread the word about Marta’s campaign. Print flyers and distribute them in your community to encourage others to support and vote for Marta.


Support Marta's
Election Campaign

Support Marta Barandiy’s campaign for the European Parliament 2024 by donating. Your contribution is vital for promoting a vision of practical change and stronger European integration. Help Marta bring focus to crucial issues like direct democracy, security, and migration with European values at heart.

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