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Marta’s vision for a stronger, more transparent Europe resonates through these powerful testimonials and endorsements, showcasing her readiness to represent and advocate for the continent’s future.

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I support Marta. Will you?

Petras Auštrevičius
First weekend of June. We all go for European elections.

We all have a choice as voters to pick up somebody whom you know, whom you value, whom you want to represent you in the European Parliament.

I want to propose to you Marta Barandiy. She’s a great activist. She’s a great human rights activist. She made many, many events here in Brussels, in Belgium, all over, pushing forward with a clear message: Solidarity, Peace and Human rights must prevail in the European Union as well in Europe.

Solidarity, peace, and human rights must prevail in the European Union as well in Europe.

I support Marta. Will you?

Petras Auštrevičius – a Lithuanian politician and Member of the European Parliament (MEP), serving as the coordinator for the Renew Europe group in the EP Subcommittee on Security and Defence. He has previously held the position of Lithuanian Ambassador to Finland and has extensive experience in the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His work focuses on strengthening EU security and defense policies.

Nelly Maes – a distinguished figure in Belgian politics, known for her long-standing commitment to Flemish interests and progressive values. With a political career that spans over three decades, Maes has been a prominent member of the Volksunie and has served in various parliamentary roles, including in the European Parliament.

“I want to support the Belgian-Ukrainian lead candidate Marta Barandiy. Just like a group of people who have also joined Voor U”.

Nelly Maes
Georges Dallemagne

"Bravo Marta! You are a great woman fighting for freedom, justice and democracy. Fighting for Ukraine and for a stronger EU. Fighting for Ukraine being liberated from the invaders and to be integrated into EU. Your fights are right. You deserve to be elected. 👏👏"

Georges Dallemagne is a Belgian politician and medical doctor with significant experience both in Belgium and abroad. His career includes impactful work with Doctors Without Borders in Africa and Asia, leadership roles within Handicap International, and serving as a Belgian federal representative and senator. Dallemagne, a member of the Humanist Democratic Centre, has also been involved in various capacities within the Belgian political landscape, including local council roles in Brussels​

Vlad Dan Gheorghe

"A good friend, an Ukraine-born Belgian Marta Barandiy is running with a new Flemish liberal party VoorU. I wish her success in making Flemish people heard in EU as she did 🇺🇦people heard in Brussels and beyond! She is a real asset for human rights & international law in 🇪🇺"

Vlad Dan Gheorghe is a Romanian MEP for the Renew Europe Group, known for his legal background in administrative-fiscal law and European funds. His career has emphasized anti-corruption and pro-European initiatives, focusing on justice, environmental policies, and community development. Active in the European Parliament, Gheorghe champions the rule of law and democratic values.

Laurens Soenen

"Marta is one of the most dynamic, forward-looking and reliable people with whom I have worked together".

Laurens Soenen – Communications Coordinator of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2024, Communication Strategist at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Lyuba Karpachova

Project and Grant Coordinator the European Society for Paediatric Oncology Europe (SIOPE)

Marta is an outstanding Belgian-Ukrainian woman, a winner of the European Citizen Prize award, an activist, a successful leader, a mother of two, an advocate of democratic values, a person who managed to unite more than 400 volunteers to create a coordination center to help Ukraine under the umbrella of Promote Ukraine NGO, and someone who I can call a friend by now and vouch for after working with her for more than 2 years.

Marta Barandiy has decided to run for the European Parliament to become the first woman of Ukrainian origin in EP. And I call for your support!

J.A. Thierens

To my English-speaking friends living in Brussels and Flanders: For next Sunday's European elections, I am voting for Marta Barandiy, list leader of Voor U (17). I got to know Marta through my commitment to the Ukrainian cause. I have a lot of admiration and respect for her: Marta is a multilingual, highly educated lady who puts her heart and soul into European values. She is without doubt a worthy successor to Ursula von der Leyen 😉

J.A. Thierens – Belgian activist

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