Unfiltered Coffee: A Conversation with Marta Barandiy on Europe’s Future Facing Russia

In this compelling edition of “Unfiltered Coffee,” we engage in a riveting dialogue with Marta Barandiy, a prominent figure in European Law and International Relations and a forerunner in the political arena for the VOOR U Party at the European level. 

With a unique Belgo-Ukrainian perspective, Marta sheds light on the ongoing tensions between NATO and Russia, and the palpable threats facing Europe today. As the specter of global conflict looms large, Marta articulates the urgent need for European unity and preparedness against the backdrop of cyber attacks, misinformation campaigns, and direct assaults on European soil. 

Join us as we delve into the complexities of European defense strategies, the intricacies of international diplomacy, and the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people in their quest for sovereignty and peace.

Maxime Binet: Today, we’re going to discuss the European summit in Brussels and the possible global war between NATO and Russia. Good morning, Marta Barandelli.

Marta Barandiy: Good morning.

Maxime Binet: You’re leading the NGO Promote and are entering politics for the VOOR U Party as the lead candidate at the European level. You are Belgian-Ukrainian. Should Europeans prepare for a global conflict between NATO and Russia?

Marta Barandiy: In fact, the war is already here, on European soil, in Ukraine and Europe. It’s already open warfare in the form of cyberattacks, disinformation, attacks on the GPS system, but also chemical attacks. The FSB agency has killed people in Berlin, on NATO territory. There are already attacks on European soil.

Maxime Binet: Charles Michel said this week that if we want peace, we must prepare for war. How should Europeans prepare, in your opinion?

Marta Barandiy: We need to strengthen the defense, increase the defense budget, and above all, stop Putin, where he is now, in Ukraine by giving more weapons and air defense to the Ukrainians.

Maxime Binet: But Europeans are not aligned on this issue.

Marta Barandelli: Ukraine needs help as soon as possible. Every delay costs lives. Despite respect for leaders wanting to help, Ukraine asks for weapons, not troops on the ground.

Maxime Binet: Let’s talk about aid to Ukraine. The 27 member countries have already sent 31 billion euros in military aid, and another 20 billion euros will be sent. Is that enough?

Marta Barandelli: No, it’s never enough. War quickly consumes resources. The European industry must be ready to provide more support.

Maxime Binet: And on negotiating with Vladimir Putin?

Marta Barandelli: Never. Negotiating today is just giving time for Putin to prepare for the next attack.

Maxime Binet: At the European summit, it was decided to target Russian assets in Europe. Are you satisfied with this decision?

Marta Barandiy: I understand the necessity, but freedom and democracy are not for sale. We must do everything possible to stop Russia.

Maxime Binet: Honesty and action, then. Thank you very much for this unfiltered coffee, Marta Barandiy, the lead candidate at the European level for the VOOR U movement.


Today’s conversation with Marta Barandiy brings to the forefront the critical challenges and decisions facing Europe in an increasingly volatile global landscape. 

Marta’s insights underscore the importance of resilience, unity, and proactive measures in safeguarding democratic values and territorial integrity against external aggressions. As Europe navigates these turbulent waters, the solidarity and support for Ukraine symbolize a beacon of hope for all nations striving for freedom and peace. 

Let us reflect on Marta’s message of determination and collective action as we contemplate the path forward in these uncertain times.

Marta VOOR Europa:

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