Introducing a New Vision for Europe: The Journey of a Belgian of Ukrainian Origin

Welcome Message

Dear people, welcome! Today marks an important milestone in my life and career as I present my first live broadcast as the lead reader for the new Belgian, Flemish, liberal party VOOR U. It’s an honor to introduce myself as a candidate for the European elections, and I’m excited about the opportunity to share my vision and dreams with all of you.

My Story: From Ukraine to Belgium

My life journey is a tale of transition, learning, and fighting for what’s right. Born in Ukraine, I spent my youth there, immersing myself in international law, human rights, and European law. These early experiences laid the groundwork for my lifelong commitment to justice and human rights.

In 2003, my path took an international turn when I moved to Austria to pursue further studies, followed by Germany, where my studies deepened my involvement in European law and the protection of human rights. Since 2006, I have called Belgium my home, where I’ve started a family and built a professional career ranging from a customer service coordinator at Volvo Trucks to a responsible role in a Ukrainian law firm.

My Fight for Europe

My fight for Europe and against corruption began in 2004, inspired by the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. This fight has continued through two revolutions, both aimed at combating corruption and promoting liberal values. It’s this dedication to freedom, dignity, and justice that drives my campaign for the European elections. I believe in Europe, in its capacity for improvement, and in my ability to bring the best of Europe to Flanders.

My Vision and Identity

It’s important to correct misconceptions and false portrayals. Despite my Ukrainian roots, I am Belgian, heart and soul. My life here, my family, and my work have shaped me. I speak the languages, know the culture, and am actively involved in our community. I do not shy away from criticism; I am open to your questions and feedback and aim to address them in my weekly live streams.

A Stance on Defense and Solidarity

In light of recent inquiries, particularly about defense, I want to emphasize that the struggle of Ukraine and Eastern European countries for freedom and for Europe deserves our full support. We must do everything in our power to support our Eastern European friends, to strengthen our defense, and to represent our liberal values, democracy, and freedom.

Closing Thoughts

My candidacy for the European elections is more than a political campaign; it’s a continuation of my lifelong fight for justice and human dignity. I believe that by standing for VOOR U, I can bring the best of Europe to Flanders and make a positive change. I look forward to answering your questions and comments in the coming weeks and building a new future for Europe together.

Let’s work together to create a Europe that is free, just, and prosperous for everyone. Your support and vote can make a world of difference.

Marta VOOR Europa:

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