Petras Auštrevičius Endorses Marta Barandiy for European Parliament Elections 2024

In a friendly endorsement addressed to Flanders, Belgium, and beyond, Petras Auštrevičius has publicly supported Marta Barandiy in her bid for a seat in the European Parliament in the upcoming 2024 elections. Auštrevičius’s testimonial not only highlights the significance of exercising voting rights but also underscores the qualities that make Barandiy a noteworthy candidate.

First weekend of June. We all go for European elections. We all have a choice as voters to pick up somebody whom you know, whom you value, whom you want to represent you in the European Parliament. I want to propose to you Marta Barandiy. She’s a great activist. She’s a great human rights activist. She made many, many events here in Brussels, in Belgium, all over, pushing forward with a clear message: Solidarity, Peace and Human rights must prevail in the European Union as well in Europe. Solidarity, peace, and human rights must prevail in the European Union as well in Europe. I support Marta. Will you?

Petras Auštrevičius

Who is Petras Auštrevičius?

Petras Auštrevičius is a respected Lithuanian politician and diplomat known for his extensive career within European political structures. Currently serving as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), he has been actively involved in several key committees that shape foreign affairs, security, and European integration policies. His experience and his positions on human rights, democracy, and international relations make his opinions particularly influential in the political arena of the European Union (EU).

Who is Marta Barandiy?

Marta Barandiy is a Belgian human rights activist of Ukrainian descent renowned for her vigorous advocacy work. She has organized numerous events in Brussels and across Europe, aiming to promote and protect human rights and to foster solidarity and peace. Her activism is not just local but spans the continent, affecting discussions around European policies and values. Marta’s commitment to these causes resonates with the foundational ideals of the EU, making her a strong candidate for representing these values at a legislative level.

The Significance of Auštrevičius’s Endorsement

The endorsement by Petras Auštrevičius is significant for several reasons. First, his own standing as an MEP lends credibility and visibility to Barandiy’s candidacy. His support signals to voters that Barandiy is a capable and promising candidate who shares the commitment to the core values of the EU. Furthermore, Auštrevičius’s focus on human rights, peace, and solidarity aligns closely with Barandiy’s activist background, reinforcing her suitability to advocate on these issues within the European Parliament.

Why Marta Barandiy is a Choice for Voters in Flanders

For voters in Flanders, choosing Marta Barandiy could mean having a representative who is deeply committed to human rights and active in European affairs. Her work emphasizes not only the protection of human rights within the EU but also the promotion of peace and solidarity across its borders. This is particularly pertinent in a region like Flanders, which values democratic engagement and international cooperation.

With its unique position in Europe, Flanders stands to benefit from a representative like Marta, who understands complex cultural dynamics and can navigate the EU’s multilingual and multicultural landscape. Her activism and previous initiatives suggest she would push for inclusive policies that respect the diverse identities and needs of all European citizens.

Moreover, her endorsement by Auštrevičius, known for his pragmatic approach to EU politics, suggests that Marta is seen as a capable and effective advocate who can work constructively within the European Parliament. This is an essential consideration for voters looking for effective representation that can bring about real change.


As the first weekend of June approaches, voters in Flanders and across the EU are reminded of their power and responsibility in shaping the future of the continent. Petras Auštrevičius’s endorsement of Marta Barandiy highlights her as a candidate who not only represents solid values but also possesses the capability to advocate for these values within the European Parliament effectively. For voters in Flanders, choosing Barandiy means supporting a candidate who stands for solidarity, peace, and human rights—principles that are ever crucial in today’s global context.


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