A Message to Voters from Marta Barandiy

Dear fellow citizens of Belgium,

As we approach the European Parliament elections from June 6 to 9, 2024, I want to connect with you and share why your vote is crucial in shaping the future of our European Union. These elections are not just another date on the calendar; they are a pivotal moment for all of us to voice our opinions and influence the direction of the EU.

Why Voting Matters

The European Parliament is the only directly elected body in the EU, representing over 450 million citizens across 27 member states. The decisions made by the Parliament affect us all, from large-scale environmental policies to local economic initiatives. Your vote will determine the representatives shaping new laws, scrutinizing EU institutions, and ensuring taxpayers’ money is spent wisely.

Supporting the VOOR U Party and Our Vision

I am proud to be a candidate for the VOOR U party, listed as number 17 on the ballot. Our party is dedicated to creating a more sustainable, just, and innovative Europe. We believe in a cohesive European approach to tackle the pressing issues of our time.

My Commitment to You

I am Marta Barandiy, running for the European Parliament to bring about meaningful change. Here are the core policies I am passionate about:

1. Stronger Defense and Security in Europe

Marta advocates for proactive and strategic strengthening of the EU’s defense capabilities to maintain peace and security.

2. Pragmatic Immigration Policy

Marta supports immigration that is aligned with European values, emphasizing integration and social cohesion.

3. Empowerment of Entrepreneurs

Marta proposes equal rights for entrepreneurs and employees to foster a fair business environment.

4. Taxation and Subsidy Reform

Marta promotes reducing taxes and reforming subsidies to encourage economic growth without increasing taxpayer burden.

5. Thoughtful Green Transition

Marta aims for a green transition that protects businesses and collaborates internationally.

6. Streamlining EU Institutions

She advocates for minimizing EU structures to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

7. Reduction of Bureaucracy

Marta supports digitalizing and simplifying EU bureaucratic processes to serve citizens better.

8. Direct and Participative Democracy

Marta is dedicated to expanding mechanisms like citizen assemblies and referendums to increase direct democratic participation.

9. Environmental Policies and Climate Action

Marta commits to sustainable policies that promote renewable energy and combat climate change without harming the local economy.

10. Promotion of Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Marta is dedicated to protecting human rights and upholding the rule of law as foundational elements of democracy.

11. Enhanced Civil Society Engagement

Marta wants to increase civil society’s role in the democratic process to make the EU more responsive and transparent.

12. Cross-border Business Exchange Programs

Marta supports initiatives that enhance cooperation between Eastern and Western European businesses, leveraging her dual background.

Why Your Vote is Important

Every vote matters in this election. By participating, you have the power to influence the decisions that shape our daily lives and future. Voting for the VOOR U party and supporting my candidacy is a step towards a more resilient, fair, and forward-thinking Europe.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Democracy is a precious gift that has been passed down through generations. Our responsibility is to uphold it, strengthen it, and pass it on to future generations. By voting, you play a direct role in this process. Your vote is your voice in the EU, and it deserves to be heard.

Let’s work together to build a better future for our children, communities, and Europe. I am committed to serving you and making your concerns my priority in the European Parliament. Thank you for your support.

Warm regards,

Marta Barandiy

Candidate for the European Parliament

VOOR U Party – List Number 17

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