Marta Barandiy – Who is she?

In the European Union landscape, the discourse often swings between the poles of integration and sovereignty. Being a specialist in sovereignty and  Conflict resolutions in international relations, Marta Barandiy emerges as a figure of significance and influence. As the top candidate for the European list in the new political movement “For You,” Marta embodies the essence of modern European activism, bridging gaps between diverse cultural and political narratives with a focus on human rights, European integration, and defense.

Early Life and Education

Born on June 13, 1984, in Lviv, Ukraine, Marta embarked on her journey with a deep-rooted appreciation for European values and the liberal rule of law. Her academic pursuits led her to the prestigious Lviv Ivan Franko National University, where she laid her foundation in International Law and Legal Studies. Marta’s intellectual curiosity and commitment to understanding the nuances of international relations and European law propelled her further into academia. She pursued her Master’s degree at Europa-Institut, Saarland University, and completed her doctoral studies in Saarbrücken, Germany, focusing on the intricate balance between European integration and the sovereignty of states.

Dignity is the only absolute right of the humans, and it is recognized as such in Europe only. Therefore, it should be cherished and proactively defended at all times. Once lost, it will be nowhere to find anymore but in books.

Academic exploration

Marta Barandiy’s scholarly contributions extend beyond her activism and political endeavors, marking significant milestones in the academic exploration of European integration, sovereignty, and the legal nuances that these domains encompass. Her foray into authorship with books such as Europäische Integration der Ukraine und Souveränität: Rechtliche und politische Aspekte (European Integration of Ukraine and Sovereignty: Legal and Political Aspects) and Souveränität als Gewährleistung der Interessen der Staaten: Völkerrechtliche und europarechtliche Aspekte (Sovereignty as a Guarantee of the Interests of States: International Law and European Law Aspects) underscores her profound engagement with these critical issues.

These publications not only contribute to academic discourse but also serve as a bridge between scholarly research and policy-making, reflecting Marta’s unique position as an academic, activist, and now a political candidate. Her books are an essential read for those interested in the complexities of European integration, sovereignty, and the legal frameworks that shape the interactions between Ukraine and the European Union. Through her writings, Marta Barandiy has cemented her status as an authoritative voice in these critical discussions, offering nuanced perspectives that are informed by her rich background in law, her commitment to European values, and her personal journey intertwined with the narrative of Ukraine’s European aspirations.

Founding Promote Ukraine

Marta’s transition from academia to activism was seamless, driven by her conviction in the power of informed dialogue and advocacy. In 2014, she founded Promote Ukraine, an organization that rapidly grew to become the largest Ukrainian organization in Belgium. Promote Ukraine serves as a platform for fostering understanding and support for Ukraine within the European Union, organizing conferences, round tables, workshops, and cultural events that highlight Ukraine’s geopolitical situation, culture, and aspirations.

Personal Life

Balancing her professional achievements, Marta is a devoted mother to two Flemish children. Her personal life is a reflection of her belief in the integration of diverse cultures and identities, mirroring the broader European ideal of unity in diversity.

Political Vision and Values

Marta’s candidacy for the European Parliament is not just a political campaign; it’s a call to action for the defense of European values against external threats and for the promotion of a transparent, efficient, and strong Europe. Marta’s stance on issues such as migration, defense, and the rule of law is grounded in her extensive experience as a human rights activist and lecturer at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich. She advocates for policies that reflect the principles of freedom, democracy, and the liberal rule of law, emphasizing the importance of these values in the face of aggression from states like Russia.

Achievements and Recognition

Marta’s contributions to promoting Ukraine’s interests and rights within the EU have not gone unnoticed. Her organization, Promote Ukraine, was awarded the European Citizen’s Prize, highlighting the impact of her work on fostering EU-Ukraine relations. Furthermore, Marta has been recognized by the Ukrainian Defence Forces for her efforts in saving Ukrainian statehood, underscoring her significant influence and commitment to her homeland.


Marta Barandiy’s journey from a passionate student of international law to a key political figure and activist in the European Union exemplifies the profound impact an individual can have on the political and cultural landscape. Her story is one of resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the principles that underpin a united and strong Europe. As Marta continues her campaign, she represents not just the aspirations of Ukraine but Belgium’s interest in the broader European endeavor to build a continent that is secure, democratic, and inclusive, where the voices of the people are heard and valued.

Marta Barandiy’s story is an inspiring example and a reminder that in the complex tapestry of European politics, individuals can indeed make a difference, championing the values that bind us together in our common pursuit of freedom and prosperity.

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