Empowering Civil Society: A Pillar of Marta Barandiy’s Vision for Europe

In the heart of Marta Barandiy’s campaign for a seat in the European Parliament lies a profound belief in the transformative power of civil society. Marta envisions a Europe where the voices of ordinary citizens are not just heard but are instrumental in shaping the policies that govern their lives. This commitment to amplifying the people’s voice through participatory democracy forms the bedrock of her platform. It is a modern, inclusive approach to policymaking that underscores the importance of direct engagement with the electorate, recognizing the essential role that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play in this process.

Supporting NGOs: Financial and Infrastructural Instruments

Marta argues that NGOs, especially those making significant impacts on society and adding value, deserve robust support from the European Union. This support encompasses financial instruments and infrastructural means to ensure their active involvement in policymaking at national, European, and international levels. Unlike the sporadic backing from public fundraising or sponsors, Marta advocates for a structured support system by the EU contingent on NGOs meeting specific impactful criteria.

A Blueprint for NGO Empowerment

The proposed framework for bolstering NGOs includes providing essential resources such as funding for personnel and office spaces. These resources could be allocated directly in monetary form or through offering physical spaces for operation. To democratize the selection process for such support, Marta suggests incorporating a voting mechanism. This democratic process could be facilitated by existing institutions like the European Economic and Social Committee, which already aims to bolster European civil society.

Ensuring Fair Compensation for NGO Work

A critical issue Marta addresses is the financial struggle NGOs face, particularly in compensating their workforce. Despite winning projects funded by the EU or state governments, these often fail to cover employee costs adequately. The work, predominantly carried out by volunteers, is invaluable, yet the compensation does not reflect this. Marta’s approach advocates for fair remuneration for those who dedicate their efforts to NGO work, ensuring that the impact of these organizations on society is rightfully acknowledged and rewarded.

The Democratic, Efficient, and Diverse Society

Marta Barandiy’s commitment to supporting NGOs is more than a policy proposition; it’s a vision for a democratic Europe rich in diversity and efficiency. By ensuring that NGOs have the necessary resources to operate effectively, Marta believes that the EU can foster a more inclusive society where every voice matters and every contribution is valued. Her approach highlights the crucial role of NGOs in advocating for social change, protecting human rights, and enhancing democratic governance.


Marta Barandiy’s campaign is a clarion call for a renewed focus on civil society as a cornerstone of European democracy. Her proposals aim to not only empower NGOs but also to reinvigorate the European project with fresh ideas and perspectives from the ground up. By fostering a vibrant civil society, Marta envisions a Europe that is more responsive, resilient, and reflective of its citizens’ needs and aspirations. In Marta’s Europe, empowerment starts with recognizing and supporting the tireless work of NGOs, ensuring they have a solid foundation to contribute to the continent’s socio-political landscape meaningfully.

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