Navigating the Security Crossroads: Marta Barandiy’s Vision for Europe

In the face of burgeoning global insecurities and evolving geopolitical landscapes, the stance of Marta Barandiy and the VOOR U party on European security is both timely and imperative. As we stand at a pivotal crossroads, the need for a comprehensive, strategic, and forward-looking security policy has never been more apparent. Herein lies Marta’s vision: a Europe resilient in the face of global challenges yet steadfast in its commitment to peace over militarization.

A Clear Stance Against Militarization

Contrary to misconceptions, Marta Barandiy is not an advocate for the militarization of European society. “Militarization is not in my DNA, nor is it in the DNA of VOOR U,” Marta clarifies. This statement is a testament to a vision that values peace, dialogue, and diplomacy above the trappings of military expansion. The real challenge, as Marta sees it, is not about armament but about ensuring that Europe can safeguard its values and way of life against external threats without compromising its core principles.

Recognizing the Global Security Landscape

The global security paradigm is shifting, with traditional security arrangements under strain and the international community grappling with increasing instability. Marta’s analysis is incisive: Europe, and Belgium by extension, cannot afford to be blind to the myriad security challenges on the horizon. From the diminishing reliability of the US security umbrella to the unsettling trends of nuclear proliferation and geopolitical rivalries, the landscape is fraught with complexities that demand a nuanced and proactive response.

Europe’s Geopolitical and Security Imperative

Marta posits that the European Union’s perceived lack of geopolitical clout and its image as an economic giant yet a military dwarf undermines its standing on the global stage. The aftermath of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is a stark reminder of this vulnerability. “We live in a world driven by interest, and the EU must adapt to this interest-based global order,” Marta argues, advocating for a Europe that is clear about its interests and how they intersect with those of other global actors.

Addressing Nuclear Security and the NPT

The Russian aggression against Ukraine and the consequent undermining of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) regime is a central concern for Marta. She highlights the irony and danger in Russia’s manipulation of the NPT’s principles to justify its territorial ambitions, thus jeopardizing global nuclear security. “The international community, with the EU at the forefront, must hold violators accountable to preserve the integrity of the NPT and prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons,” she asserts.

A Call for Strategic Autonomy and Dialogue

At the core of Marta Barandiy’s security agenda is the imperative for Europe to develop strategic autonomy, ensuring it can defend its interests and values independently if necessary. Yet, this does not signify a pivot to militarism but rather a commitment to strengthening Europe’s ability to engage in meaningful dialogue, bolster its defense capabilities intelligently, and contribute to a stable international order through diplomatic and non-military means.


Marta Barandiy’s vision for Europe’s security is one of balance, foresight, and principled action. It’s a vision that acknowledges the complex realities of the global security environment while steadfastly championing the European values of peace, democracy, and human rights. As Europe navigates these turbulent times, Marta’s leadership and the VOOR U party’s platform offer a direction and a roadmap for a secure, resilient, and values-driven Europe.

In Marta Barandiy’s words and actions, we find a compelling narrative of a Europe that is robust yet peaceful, engaged yet independent, standing firm in the face of global insecurities while charting a course towards a stable and prosperous future for all its citizens.

Marta VOOR Europa:

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