Key Points of Marta Barandiy’s Election Campaign: A Vision for a Renewed Europe

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Marta Barandiy’s election campaign stands out in the crowded field of European politics for its comprehensive and visionary approach toward shaping a European Union that is more efficient, transparent, strong, and closely aligned with the values and aspirations of its citizens. 

Her campaign is not only a reflection of her professional prowess as an international lawyer with extensive experience in European law but also showcases her dynamic and youthful energy, aiming to represent and bring about the changes sought by the younger generation within the EU. 

Marta is looking for pragmatic yet ambitious reforms in the EU.

A Commitment to Efficiency, Transparency, and Strength

Marta’s vision for Europe is anchored in the principle that the European Union must not only be efficient in its operations but also transparent and robust against external and internal threats. This vision challenges the status quo, proposing streamlined processes within EU institutions that prioritize the welfare of its citizens and robust security measures to ensure the continent’s stability. Marta provides a clear, actionable framework that resonates with her background as a detail-oriented and strategic thinker.

Upholding Liberal Rule of Law and Human Rights

At the heart of Marta’s campaign is a strong commitment to the liberal rule of law, sustainable peace, and human rights. This emphasis goes beyond traditional political rhetoric, reflecting her deep understanding of the complexities involved in governing diverse societies. Her stance on these issues is informed by her extensive legal background, making her uniquely positioned to advocate for laws and policies that ensure fairness, peace, and universally respected rights.

Championing Property Rights and Individual Freedom

Marta’s focus on respecting property rights and expanding individual freedoms over personal property distinguishes her campaign from others. This stance underscores a broader philosophical commitment to individual liberties and economic rights as cornerstones of a thriving European society. Her approach resonates with voters who prioritize economic freedom and personal autonomy, setting her apart as a candidate who values the foundational principles of a liberal democracy.

Strengthening Europe’s Defense Capabilities

In response to external aggressions, particularly from Russia, Marta advocates for a significant strengthening of Europe’s defense capabilities. This is not merely a call to arms but a nuanced understanding that Europe’s democratic values and way of life are under threat and must be vigorously defended. Her perspective on defense is refreshingly realistic and grounded in the current geopolitical context, offering a clear-eyed approach to safeguarding Europe’s future.

Rethinking Migration with European Values in Mind

Marta’s campaign raises critical and often uncomfortable questions about migration and its long-term impact on European values and social cohesion. Unlike the often polarized discourse surrounding this issue, she offers a balanced and thoughtful perspective that considers the humanitarian, cultural, and security dimensions of migration. This nuanced approach invites a more constructive debate on one of Europe’s most pressing challenges.

Empowering Civil Society and Amplifying the People’s Voice

A defining feature of Marta’s campaign is her unwavering belief in the power of civil society and the importance of amplifying the voices of ordinary citizens in the democratic process. This is a clear indication of her commitment to participatory democracy and reflects a modern, inclusive approach to policymaking that seeks to engage directly with the electorate.


Marta Barandiy’s campaign is a breath of fresh air in European politics, marked by its comprehensive vision, pragmatic solutions, and a deep commitment to the values that underpin a unified and strong Europe. Her professional background, coupled with her youthful dynamism, positions her as an ideal candidate for those seeking realistic changes and improvements within the EU. Marta’s unique blend of expertise, empathy, and assertiveness makes her campaign not only distinctive but also highly relevant to the challenges and opportunities facing Europe today.

Marta VOOR Europa:

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